How you can help

Put your money to work for muscle and brain disorders in children.

The Institute uses donated funds in three ways:

  • It funds the purchase of cutting edge laboratory equipment that is not supported by grants. For example, the Institute has been saving for antibodies which we use to diagnose malfunctions in brain or muscle cells.
  • It funds specific research teams, such as the Neuromuscular Gene Discovery team who work tirelessly to discover and diagnose rare neuromuscular disorders.
  • It funds students, scientists and doctors through stipends. Attracting talented researchers to work at the Institute comes at a price. In 2015, we funded one PhD student and four Honours students to work with the various teams.

Ready to donate?

There are lots of ways to support our work.

Like more information about funding INMR research?

Email Manoj Kookkal, the INMR Business Manager, or call him on 02 9845 1905.

Did you know?

1,350 families benefited from our diagnostic tests in 2016. Each test cost INMR $100 and is done free-of-charge. That adds up to be a lot of money.

Photo of a smiling child sitting by a window